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Your Babydoll Southdown Sheep Lamb Package 

With each Babydoll Lamb we sell we provide our customers with the following “Babydoll Southdown Lamb Package"  to help our lambs and customers get off on the right foot.

With each Babydoll lamb we sell we provide the following at no charge;

1.    Registration Paper with each Babydoll ewe and ram sold:

Our Babydoll lambs and Babydoll sheep are registered with the original Babydoll sheep registry named “Olde English Babydoll Miniature Southdown Sheep Registry” founded by Mr. Robert Mock.

Please note:

Anytime Babydoll Wethers (altered Babydoll Rams) are sold they are sold at a reduced price and we do not send in for their registration papers because wethered Babydoll sheep are intended to be pets instead of breeding stock.

2. 50lbs. bag of the lamb feed for each Babydoll Lamb sold:

All Babydoll lambs go to their new home with a 50lb bag of the same feed lamb feed that we are feeding at the time they leave to go to their new home to reduce stress on the Babydoll lamb. By feeding them the same feed they are accustom to eating is one less thing they have to adjust to giving them the time they need to adjust to their new home.

3. Pedigree Print Out Sheet:

We will give you a pedigree print out with color pictures that will go as far back as we have the information on each Babydoll sheep or Babydoll lamb.

4. A book about sheep:

Each lambing season we provide our new customers with a book about sheep to get you started in the right direction. This years book is titeled "Living with sheep" written by Chuck Wooster and photographs by Geoff Hansen.

5. Your placed in the Email group called "The Sweetwater Farm Babydoll Sheep Family":

What this is, I from time to time send out helpful information to everyone who has bought Babydoll lambs and Babydoll sheep from us. The emails will include information about sheep health and care, information on sheep events and shows, information of new sheep products that come on the market, and any other information I can get my hands on that our Babydoll sheep owner would find helpful or interesting.

6. We provided a complete Vaccination and Worming record print out sheet:

This vaccination and worming recored sheet will include all vaccination and worming records from birth for each Babydoll lamb as well as what will be required next for each Babydoll lamb that you bring home. Many of our customers are new to Babydoll lambs and sheep and find this information very helpful.  Many of our customers tell us they just handed this information over to their new vet took it from there with their recommendations. But we will always be here for you anytime you need us.

7. We provided a list of recommended sheep web site:

This web site list of sheep related information and resources will help our customers who are new to taking care of Babydoll sheep a head start on some very helpful information. The web site list will provide information on sheep care, sheep equipment, sheep events, and sheep supplies. It also include a very respected sheep supply web site who offers sheep vets on call that you can contact anytime you have may have health issues. They can also answer general questions on any given product you think you need or just want to try.  This is a wonderful resource that will provide you with information when issues come up from time to time.

8. We provide informational sheets on how to take care of your new Babydoll sheep:

We provide instructions on required care your Babydoll sheep will need to incluid how to trim their feet, how to give them injections so you can save money on your vet bills, and general care and feeding info. When you pick up your new Babydoll sheep or lambs we will show you how to trim their feet. Foot trimming is very easy.

When the young Babydoll lambs travels to their new home it is a very stressful day for them. The items that we include with the Babydoll lambs sell is a very good deal for any buyer. But the real reason we do this is for the benefit and health of the Babydoll lambs and Babydoll Sheep. The feed we provide helps to reduce the stress levels of that first day at their new home as well as the first week because they do not also have to adjust to new feed, just their new home. It gives the young Babydoll lamb more time to get accustom to their new home more easily, reducing complications that are sometimes brought on by stress. Anytime you can reduce stress this helps the Babydoll lambs become stronger and healthy. When the Babydoll lambs are strong and healthy this gives the new lamb owner more time to enjoy their new addition to their family.

The information we provide helps you become a more educated sheep owner. The more you learn about your new Babydoll lambs and Babydoll sheep, the easier it will be for you to take care of them and understand your new Babydoll lambs needs.

When you buy Babydoll lambs or Babydoll Sheep from us we will always be just a phone call away to help you through any issues, problems, or concerns that you may have. We feel the after the sale support we provided is very important for any new Babydoll sheep owner. We will always be just a phone call away. 

We provide the items above because we want your new Babydoll lambs to have a good head start in life. We want you as a buyer to be happy and enjoy your new family members, and because we stand behind every lamb we sell.

One Important Note:

Because of their strong flocking instinct the Babydoll sheep do not do well living without their own kind as companions. They thrive on companionship and must be with their own kind or at least another breed of sheep. Due to this fact, lambs will only be sold in pairs if the buyer does not already have companion sheep at their home for their lamb to live with.

Babydoll Sheep Babydoll Lambs Sweetwater Farm Maryland

We put togeather a short YouTube video to give you an idea what our lambing time is like and what it means to us.

We hope you find this information helpful and please contact us if you have any questions about Babydoll sheep or Babydoll lambs. 

Thank you very much for considering our Babydoll lambs to be part of your family,

Sweetwater Farm… 

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