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Babydoll Sheep Ram Spotted Sweetwater Farm MarylandBabydoll Sheep Ram Spotted Sweetwater Farm MarylandBabydoll Sheep Ram Spotted Sweetwater Farm Maryland


               Babydoll sheep Ram Sweetwater Farm Maryland     Babydoll Sheep Ram Sweetwater Farm Maryland          Babydoll Sheep Ram Sweetwater Farm Maryland


Babydoll Southdown Ram Sweetwater Farm MarylandSweetwater Farm Maryland Babydoll Southdown Ram


About our Babydoll Southdown Rams

Our Babydoll Southdown Rams are very gentle by nature and have produced  lambs that have become very friendly pets giving our customers years of enjoyment. But the selected breeding to reach this goal is very important. Both of our Babydoll Southdown rams that are in our breeding program are very sweet boys to be around. We find that the dispositions of the rams as well as the ewes are very important when breeding for Babydoll lambs that will end up very friendly. Both our Babydoll rams enjoy receiving attention from us as if they were the family dogs instead of Babydoll sheep.

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